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IGK Industrieservice Georg Klief

IGK Industrieservice Georg Klief

Herr Georg Klief

Zum Scherbusch 5
51674 Wiehl


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Der Industrieservice IGK ist ein An- und Verkäufer von gebrauchter Peripherie mit Sitz im Oberbergischen. Darüber hinaus bieten wir für alle verkauften Maschinen auch Service und Reparatur an.
Auf alle unsere Peripheriegeräte erhalten Sie eine vierwöchige Garantie.

Außerdem sind wir seit dem 01.01.2016 Handelspartner der Firma Boe-Therm auf dem deutschen Markt und bieten
neben dem Vertrieb auch Service, Reparatur, Wartung und Ersatzteilbeschaffung für Ihre Temperiergeräte an.

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पालिशगर Bergers
Mcnzl अधिक »
भारी शुल्क खराद 2400 मिमी x 8000 मिमी TACCHI FTC 1200 x 8000
This machine can be visited with us in the camp under power. High lead and train spindle lathe with 3 guides converted to CNC in 2000 with c axis and milling head / technical data: Control: MANUALL... अधिक »
पालिशगर HAU
Ueldsahci अधिक »
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पालिशगर Bergers
भारी शुल्क खराद 2400 मिमी x 8000 मिमी TACCHI FTC 1200 x 8000
This machine can be visited with us in the camp under power. High lead and train spindle lathe with 3 guides Gxuzg8tt converted to CNC in 2000 with c axis and milling head / technical data: Contro ...
पालिशगर HAU
प्रोफ़ाइल पीस NINFA RC-3, CE
Technical description: -Double-sided tilting, both forward and backward - depth and height quickly adjustable -Suction connection ø 140 mm R2bl8h0d -With emergency auspakket -Incl. 3 profile gri ...
के तहत तालिका रोलिंग के साथ टेबल देखा Reinhardt NC-800
-Saw blade Max 500/550 mm Ebco8cr -Saw length 800 mm. -Automatic feed system, hydraulic height adjustment for endless feed of the wood -Instruction Manuel, semi-automatic and automatic. Vario -Bl ...
ह्वाइस्ट, पाल क्रेन slewing दीवार Trost u. Hilterhaus Stahl
Wall slewing crane / hoists Manufacturer: Comfort & Hamzic Chain hoist manufacturer: Steel Chain length: 7 m Projection: 4500mm max weight: 0,25T dismantled D8e73xh विज्ञाप ...
मशीन Elumatec विज्ञापन 259 पंगा लेना |
screwing machine Elumatec ADS 259 Wp7gawz99
बियर KZE 1000 l fruittech ETA-KZE-BEER-1000-DAMPF-DE
BIER-KZE 1000ltr/h STEAM The Beer preheating takes place by means of a plate heat exchanger. Then the product is set to the selected from Used temperature by a Plate heat exchangers in the "Pasteur-s ...
Handhebelschere साथ खड़े हो जाओ DRGM 219669
Hand lever shears with base DRGM 219669 Blade length: 260 mm Dimensions in cm(HxBxT): 205 x 65 x 45 I9caqn2 विज्ञापन स्वचालित रूप से अनुवाद ...
ऊर्ध्वाधर मशीनिंग केन्द्र MORI SEIKI M-300 L / 3000
control Fanuc travel X/Y/Z 3050/500/470 mm spindle speedl 6000 1/min table size 2x 1580x540 mm tool magazine for 57 tools BT40 Guh7xc 4th axis internal coolant accessories
Precoat कॉम्पैक्ट प्रणाली FAUDI ASA 0,4 D
FAUDI Compact precoat filter system B0wzn92q for the cleaning of honing oil, grinding oil, dielectric Type: ASA 0.4 D SER.-No.: KA1-0858/0 (8881427) Year of construction: 2000 Operating data ...
Baeuerle धुरी झुकाव के साथ टुकड़े टुकड़े हो जाना Baeuerle SFM 200
Second hand Baeuerle SFM 200 spindle moulder with tilt - Aigner security fence on tenoning carriage Mtnwjo - Ø30 x 125 mm interchangable and 45° tiltable spindle - no. 4 speed (3000, 4500, 6000, 90 ...
सूखी विभाजक का निष्कर्षण Keller Vario T
Exhaust system dry separator dust collector Keller Lufttechnik Item description / item title Cellar Vario T fine dust collector 2.2 kW 400V 95 Zbb3sfpfc In stock: 1 Fire: Cellar air techn ...
इलेक्ट्रोड वेल्डिंग मशीन Messer Griesheim Eltram 310
- 46 - 310 A power stepless adjustable Ms3fcc - 1,5 - 8 mm electrodes - power consumption 16 kVA, 380-500 V - wheeled very less used
Joerg इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स incl. मापने फ्रेम Joerg/HELLAK SDM 960/S2 zzgl. 2D Messvorhang
Measuring frame 1: Measuring Curtain for starch detection Make HELLAK Type: SDM 960 / S 2 Measuring range: 960 MM Resolution: 2 MM Y7wzacozv Consisting of: 1 Strip Light with 20 halogen lamps 12V ...
इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स के लिए स्पेयर पार्ट्स Alfa-Laval SATTCONTROL versch.
div. mod. Electronics spare parts for satellite CON125 Type: Part No.: serial number: DA-2/TLK-7642 490 1742-39 BFG 66005 SIO/TLK-2664 490 1742-46 B30000 1PS OUT - 29/TPK 490 1742-23 ARG5M056 IN- ...
कार बेदखलदार के साथ बंद HOLTEC Hydr. verfahrbarer Anschlagwagen
HOLTEC Hydraulic. Traversable stop truck with 7 ejectors and 2 separate airdrops for short lengths up to 2,40m Length: 18m Width: ca. 2,50m Height: 3m Rubber conveyor belt width: 50cm Net weight: 15t ...
पीस मशीन WEINIG Rondamat 925
RONDAMAT 925 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 2.1 FILES Weight 565 kg Fhujjae2s with transport timber 595 kg with Seekiste 915 kg Electrical connection value 1.5 kW Pneumatic operating pressure 8 bar Operati ...
STELLIT परिपत्र आरी & पीस पहियों Schmal Nachschnittsaegen
85 STELLIT - circular saws used, 400 x 3.0 / 5.0 x 86 mm 2 CN 18/7 1 round groove 7 / 7mm, 2 SL 7 mm Bridge 35mm (opposite) Flange 145 mm, Z 28 A, each tooth 2. stellited, roughing Small + 2 + 2 cl ...
Dornburg प्रेस Dornburg
Warning: sale of privately owned, no taxes included -Arbeitslaenge: 2600 mm -Arbeitsbreite: 1010mm Working height: 1010mm Y8dc9u3k9 -5 cylinder -Platzbedarf: L x W x H, 4300mm x 1010mm x 1870mm
मशीन निश्चित फ्रेम निर्माण / Koch SBD-51
Me2qhWarning: sale of private property. VAT not included. -Individually Adjustable strengthen no Min or Max.- -Approx. 10kW, 380V, 50Hz, 23A -Air 1/2 "connection 7 bar -Approx. 1.5 t weight
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