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Innovac GmbH Berlin

Innovac GmbH Berlin

Frau Cathy Farrar

Rheinstraße 46
12161 Berlin


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Die Innovac GmbH wurde 1994 gegründet und verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung im Kauf und Verkauf von gebrauchten Maschinen, Anlagen und Produktionslinien. Ob es sich um einzelne Gebrauchtmaschinen oder komplette Fabriken handelt, ob Lebensmittel-, Verpackungs- oder Metallbearbeitungsindustrie: Mit unserer branchenübergreifenden Expertise aus zahlreichen erfolgreich abgewickelten Transaktionen sind wir ein kompetenter Partner für Ihre Investitionsgüter.

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पालिशगर Bergers
Mcnzl अधिक »
भारी शुल्क खराद 2400 मिमी x 8000 मिमी TACCHI FTC 1200 x 8000
This machine can be visited with us in the camp under power. High lead and train spindle lathe with 3 guides converted to CNC in 2000 with c axis and milling head / technical data: Control: MANUALL... अधिक »
पालिशगर HAU
Ueldsahci अधिक »
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पालिशगर Bergers
भारी शुल्क खराद 2400 मिमी x 8000 मिमी TACCHI FTC 1200 x 8000
This machine can be visited with us in the camp under power. High lead and train spindle lathe with 3 guides converted to CNC in 2000 with c axis and milling head / technical data: Control: MANUALL ...
पालिशगर HAU
प्रोफ़ाइल पीस NINFA RC-3, CE
Technical description: -Double-sided tilting, both forward and backward - depth and height quickly adjustable R2bl8h0d -Suction connection ø 140 mm -With emergency auspakket -Incl. 3 profile gri ...
के तहत तालिका रोलिंग के साथ टेबल देखा Reinhardt NC-800
-Saw blade Max 500/550 mm -Saw length 800 mm. -Automatic feed system, hydraulic height adjustment for endless feed of the wood -Instruction Manuel, semi-automatic and automatic. Vario Ebco8cr -Bl ...
Alzmetall AB 4 SJ Alzmetall AB4SJ
We speak english, please contact us. Vox0cvq
Hacksaw मशीन Carif Carif 240 A
Saw diameter up to 240 mm, Blade size 400 x 30 x 2 mm. 2 lifting speeds: 75/150. Engine power: 3.2 HP Msg97 Adjustable feed length up to 500 mm. Up to 9999 cuts, automatic shut-off. Fully funct ...
L-Z खराद Heidenreich u. Harbeck M 820
Tip height: 400 mm Top width: 2,000 mm Turning diameter over plan slide: 500 mm Spindle bore: 128 mm Spindle nose: Camlock Gr. 11 Cnt0h8s8 Digital display HEIDENHAIN for x - and y - axis Engine ...
सौर उत्पादन उठाओ और जगह Manz Roth & Rau Bosch Sigpack XR31-3
Manufacturer: Manz Roth & Rau Robot type: Bosch Sigpack XR31-3 Name: Pick- and -place machine, Date of manufacture: 2008 (new and unused) operating hours: 0 3q0aeia3q Number of pieces: 12 PCs. ...
ह्वाइस्ट, पाल क्रेन slewing दीवार Trost u. Hilterhaus Stahl
Wall slewing crane / hoists D8e73xh Manufacturer: Comfort & Hamzic Chain hoist manufacturer: Steel Chain length: 7 m Projection: 4500mm max weight: 0,25T dismantled विज्ञाप ...
3-रोल प्लेट झुका मशीन OSTAS ORM 1270x140
Producer: OSTAŞ Type: ORM 1270x140 YOM: new Available length: 1.270 mm Pre-Bending capacity: 4 mm Bending capacity: 5 mm Roll-Ø: 140 mm Roll speed: 3,5 m/min Min. Bending-Ø: 210 mm Main motor pow ...
मशीन Elumatec विज्ञापन 259 पंगा लेना |
screwing machine Elumatec ADS 259 Wp7gawz99
बियर KZE 1000 l fruittech ETA-KZE-BEER-1000-DAMPF-DE
BIER-KZE 1000ltr/h STEAM The Beer preheating takes place by means of a plate heat exchanger. Then the product is set to the selected from Used temperature by a Plate heat exchangers in the "Pasteur-s ...
Handhebelschere साथ खड़े हो जाओ DRGM 219669
Hand lever shears with base DRGM 219669 I9caqn2 Blade length: 260 mm Dimensions in cm(HxBxT): 205 x 65 x 45 विज्ञापन स्वचालित रूप से अनुवाद ...
ऊर्ध्वाधर मशीनिंग केन्द्र MORI SEIKI M-300 L / 3000
control Fanuc travel X/Y/Z 3050/500/470 mm Guh7xc spindle speedl 6000 1/min table size 2x 1580x540 mm tool magazine for 57 tools BT40 4th axis internal coolant accessories
पीसने की मशीन VG T-300-3K/2B
GRINDING MACHINE VG TYPE T-300-3K/2B 3 x contact roller + 2 x brush unit Grinding belts: 300 x 1900 mm Motors: (3x10)+(2x7,5)+1+0,25 HP/34KW/380 V with following options: 7bpoak98n T01.pneum.grinding ...
चौड़ी बेल्ट sanding मशीन VG F-1300-2KS
VG TYPE F-1300-2KS 2 sanding belts: contact roller + sanding pad Motors: 30+20+4+1HP/380V Mts2bk Sanding belts: 1330 x 2620 mm Completely refurbished and repainted in the actual VG colours. Garanty ...
चौड़ी बेल्ट sanding मशीन VG F-1060-2KS
SANDING MACHINE VG F-1060-2KS 2 sanding belts: contact roller + sanding pad Motors: 20+15+3 HP/380V Sanding belts: 1060 x 1900 mm Completely refurbished and repainted Bbpgdg90 Garanty as on new mach ...
स्तंभ ड्रिलिंग मशीन Optimum DH34BV
Smooth and silent electric motor Steel Quill lever out Base plate by swing of the drilling table as a work surface for high workpieces available Right / left rotation 2 speeds V-belt cover with s ...
प्रोफ़ाइल प्रोजेक्टर Dorsey Metrology Int Paragon 24
Dorsey Metrology / Paragon 24 P / Optical Comparator Designed with tight tolerances to maintain uncompensated absolute inherent accuracy / Made in USA Features: 24" (600mm) Vertical screen for opti ...
प्रेसिजन सतह पीस मशीन LECHLER HV 3.233
Precision surface grinding machine with horizontal - and vertical - spindle Muuwp TECHNICAL DATA Grinding range L x W 400 x 160 mm-horizontal spindle grinding height 260/310 mm -Vertical sp ...
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