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Richard Persson AB से Lindesberg

Richard Persson AB

Herr Pontus Lindroth

Curlinggatan 10
71134 Lindesberg


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Richard Persson AB started already in 1970 with sales of wood industry machines. In 1990 the company went through a re-launch when our current CEO, Richard Persson took over and opened our new office and workshop on Curlinggatan in Lindesberg.

Our strange is to find and renovate used equipment for the wood-working industry, but we can also offer newer machines for all the stages in the production for planing, sawing and carpentry production. With over 30 years in the business we can offer a wide range of planers, saws, grinders, but also sounding equipment such as tilts, sorting, packaging and much more.

We have a wide assortment in stock which, to your liking, can be serviced, modified or delivered in existing condition.

For 50 years, our partners have always been our focus and we believe that honesty, accessibility and clear language are the most important traits for a long-term cooperation.

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