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Herr Nemanja Ivkovic

Milosava Vlajica 116e 116e
11450 11450


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Nemanja Ivkovic, Address: 29. Novembra br19 ; ZIP code: 11450 Sopot (Serbia).
Sales manager in company "METALIKA".

Machine factory METALIKA is located in Sopot, at the base of mount Kosmaj, 50 km away from Belgrade, going on the highway towards Niš. The factory was founded on January 16th 1973 by Dragan Ivkovic as an “independent locksmith shop for manufacturing and repairing objects from the metal processing industry”.

We have 46 years of experience in producing concrete block making machines and plants, with large worldwide customer base (Russia, Algeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Gabon, Oman, Equatorial Guinea, USA, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, etc...).

We have 135 employees, with all necessary steel processing machinery at 5.000m2 workshop.

Our main products are concrete blocks/paver/curbstone making machines and mixers, with following group of products:

- Movable machines (egg layer)- excellent for mass and cheap production of hollow concrete blocks
- Concrete block machines and Automatic concrete block making machines (single pallet layer), Range product: Hollow blocks, solid blocks, hourdi/hurdi blocks, bricks, tiles, grass pavers,concrete paving stones/paver/pavers, curbstones, etc...)
- Concrete batching plants and concrete mixers, concrete mixing solutions and systems
- Concrete Block Handling systems
- Concrete Pipe and Manhole handling machines and systems
- Automatic Packing Stations for concrete elements
- Concrete Block Splitter Automatic Line
- Machines for making concrete pipes
- Re-bar straightening, bending and cutting machines
- Other (custom made) construction related machinery and equipment

Please send your requirement regarding products and capacity, and we will recommend machines for you.

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