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PAOLETTI ENERGY SRL से Borgo Valbelluna BL


Herr Pierluigi Paoletti

via dell'artigiano 36
32020 Borgo Valbelluna BL


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PAOLETTI ENGINEERING HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FAMYLI PASSION, a perfect alchemy between what we produce and the people who choose us;a history of tradition, commitment and passion. The long experience of the founder Graziano Paoletti melts in the dynamism of the new generation that sees in his son Pierluigi the guarantor of continuity. Every day the Italian passion for technology, innovation and research feeds our desire to offer unique products that meet the changing demands of the timber industry. We present our technological innovations, the result of an ongoing and concrete commitment to offer increasingly versatile machines, capable of adapting to your production requirements, through intelligent solutions.

PAOLETTI ENGINEERING PRODUCTION Complete solutions for head junction. Package and continuous, horizontal and vertical milling systems. Modular automatic presses with one or two stages. Automation systems for loading, transporting, unloading of materials. Lines for the production of cross-layer panels (XLAM-CLT) and straight and curved laminated beams. Universal planers on 2/4 sides with working widths from 300 to 1800mm. Modular hydraulic presses for XLAM panels with variable sizes and pressures from 8 to 12Kg/cm2 . Modular hydraulic clamping units with front levers loading device. Hot planes presses for block-boards and laminated with automatic cycle. Automatic pressing lines dedicated to floors. Vinyl, melamine and polyurethane glueing devices.

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वर्तमान लिस्टिंग & विशेष प्रचार
फिंगर ज्वाइंट लाइन ग्रीकोन CE6000 Grecon Dimter Ultra
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बड़े पैमाने के लिए लिस्टेल प्रेस 3000x1300 Baioni LISTELPRESS 3000
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सीएनसी केंद्र सीएमएस राउटर और बोरिंग CMS NC PF 102 TCU ideal for door or panel
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