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GranPlast समाप्त Полоцк:

Northern Partner LLC and Gran-Plast is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment in the field of polymer processing. Our main specialization is plastic recycling equipment: both new and used.
We have many years of successful cooperation with leading plastic processors in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic States. We have delivered equipment to more than 500 production sites.

Representative office in Belarus: Northern Partner LLC"

The company has extensive experience in the implementation of such equipment as:
- complexes for the recycling of plastic waste;
- complexes for processing PET bottles;
- complexes for processing automobile tires;
- washing and drying lines;
- granulators;
- crushers;
- schroeder;
- extruders;
- agglomerators;
- compactors;
- and much more...

Компания "Северный Партнер" в Беларуси и "Гран-Пласт" в России являютя производителями и поставщиками оборудования в сфере переработки полимеров. Основная специализация- оборудование по вторичной переработке пластмасс: как новое, так и бывшее в употреблении.
Имеем многолетний опыт успешного сотрудничества с ведущими переработчиками пластмасс на территории России, Беларуси, Украины, Прибалтики. Нами поставлено оборудование на более чем 500 производственных площадок.

Компания имеет большой опыт в реализации такого оборудования, как:
- комплексы по переработке полимерных отходов;
- комплексы по переработке ПЭТ бутылок;
- комплексы по переработке автомобильных шин;
- моечно-сушильные линии;
- грануляторы;
- дробилки;
- шредеры;
- экструдеры;
- агломераторы;
- компакторы;
- и многое другое...

Herr Игорь Александрович
Суворова 104
211400 Полоцк
बेलारूस (बेलारूस)

आगे के क्लासीफाइड और मशीन ऑफर
पाइप काटने की मशीन KUAG CUT 160

Pipe cutting machine Manufacturer: KUAG Type: CUT 160 Year of manufacture: 2008 0p0xtky2 Condition: as taken out of production!......

डाई-कटिंग मशीन बड़े क्षेत्र की प्लेट प्रेस ANVER 137, 2706

Anver 137, 2706, receding head manual die-cutting machine for sheets capacy 30/45 tonnes table width 2050mm, depth 600mm 400V can be used for foam sheets, leather, textile, cardboa......

प्रोफाइल रोल पंच Märdian RS 150

Rotary punch for plastic profiles B02bebdqjl......

झुकने वाली बेंच - रैखिक - वुल्फ Fa. Wolf MLH 2.1 Macryl

Linear bending bench with 4 rails and infrared heater. thus double bending at once possible. Bending length: approx.2100mm Without attachments or similar. B0zrwzrooi......

मिलिंग मशीन 5 कुल्हाड़ियों Handtmann/ Bavius PBZ DL5

5 axes gantry milling machine from Handtmann, now Bavius, with Siemens 840 D Powerline. Travel 2000x 1100x 700mm with 55m/min, A and C +-120° with 180°/sec. WZW with 14 places, Pwj......

एचजी 5-अक्ष गैन्ट्री मिलिंग मशीन HG GRIMME SysTech GmbH G-S-F(24-13) (ab Januar 2022)

Focusing on value creation With every machining system, we are committed to provide customers the right solution required for their own value creation. HG gantry-type milling syst......

प्लास्टिक प्रसंस्करण के लिए उपकरण

Complex for processing hard plastic. Productivity up to 1000 kg/h Line composition 1. Band conveyor with metal detector GP-LTM-600 2. Washing Crusher GP-DR-55K 3. Screw conveyor GP......

एक भारी हथौड़ा मिला

In the presence of powerful crushers for crushing various plastics, with a capacity of up to 1000 kg / hour Zgkog......

उच्च वैक्यूम स्तर धातुकरण VTD Meta 2056/52

Type of coating – Tablets/Plasma 2 x Baskets/Doors 8 x Planetary Spindles Length 2040mm Coatable Area 19.7msq Standard Cycle Time – 20 to 30 mins Includes racks, patternosters, rai......

क्षैतिज अंतर काटने की मशीन Fecken-Kirfel H 24 E

Key facts The H 24 E horizontal splitting machine is used to split blocks into sheets. Materials to be cut are e.g. PE foams, EVA and rubber materials. Producer of machine Fecken......

काटने वाली मशीन Geiss FZ2000x1000

GEISS FZ2000x1000 5 Axis CNC Trimming Machine For the processing of plastics. Serial number 02 20346 New 2002 Country of origin: Germany With Siemens Sinumerik 840D control. Auto......

महान मशीन

top condition 1A first hand Qo90sqsj......

2-बैंड प्रिंट UNICOR 60er

2 pieces used Haul-off By2m3hmay2 2 Caterpillers suitable for pipes up to 60 mm Manufacturer: UNICOR Year: unkown / End of 90s 3x400V 50Hz N+PE / 24V DC / 0,6 kW Max. mechanical s......

प्रतिवर्ती पुल पंच शॉन 6000 Schön 6000

Reversible bridge punching machine Schön 6000 incl. overrun supports Make: Schön Type: 6000 Punching force: 100 tons dimension of punching table: 1650x850mmmm max. punching stroke:......

वैक्यूम समग्र इलाज ओवन JSFactory.pl CCO

Vacuum composite curing oven • internal dimensions: 1200x600x350 mm • oven made on steel profile frame • temperatura pieca ograniczona elektronicznie (120 °C) • power: up to 3,5 kW......

सीएनसी नियंत्रित मशीनिंग केंद्र CMS NC-ARES 36/18 TUCU

CNC-controlled 5-axis machining center NC-ARES 36/18 TUCU, with brand new spare spindle worth at least 24.000 Euro Bxbdlgffnf techn. data see photos......

स्पीडेक्स ने CT630-6 . को उतारा Speedex CT630-6

Max outside diameter: 630mm Min outside diameter: 90mm Tracks: 6 Gowzyh7t Contact length: 1650mm Speed: 19-2640 mm per minute......

लेमो बैग वेल्डर और डबल विकेटर Lemo Intermat 1350 ST M2

Bag Welder & Double Wicketer Welding width:   440-1300mm Bag size:   220-650 double lane Bag width:   0-600mm Film thickness:   0.008-0.075mm Unwinder:    width max 1580mm, diamet......

साइडल खिंचाव झटका मोल्डिंग मशीन Sidel Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

Sidel Stretch Blow Moulding Machine Max. output: 6.000 bottles/hour. Max. bottle size: 3.000 cc. Blow stations: 6. Machine is in very good conditioning and well maintained. GENER......

एक प्रकार का बंदर Maintools

Mandrills suitable for winding pipe machines up to 2400 mm. Manufacturer: MAINTOOLS Sizes: ID 700 Qu2sod89 Year: approx. 2010 drums with spigot and bushing / 7000 mm......

उपकरण के साथ नालीदार लाइन 50-100 मिमी BATTENFELD / Drossbach HD100/58

Corrugator line, with tools 50/65/80/100 mm suitable for HDPE/LDPE double wall pipes from 50-100 mm Manufacturer: Battenfeld / Drossbach HD100/58 Year: approx. 1996 Pg9gh Consisti......

आरटीएम-स्वचालित इंजेक्शन मशीन Plastech Thermoset Tectonics Megaject MK III Auto serial No. KO2464

RTM injection machine from Plastech. The machine was overhauled in 2007 by Plastech. The machine is suitable for the production of GRP parts with an automated filling process. Suit......

प्रतिवर्ती पुल पंच HN Maschinenhandel HNHTR

Reversible bridge punching machine HNHTR 70 New machine Make: HN Type: HTR70 Punching force: 70 tons dimension of punching table: 1400x800mm max. punching stroke: 160mm Max. passag......

सैंड्ट रिट्रैक्टेबल ब्रिज पंच Sandt 619

Reversible bridge punch Make: Sandt type: 619 Punching force: 100 tons dimension of punching table: 1540x700mm max. punching stroke: 160mm Max. passage: 190mm Control: Siemens S7 w......

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