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LA-POSTPRESS - Showroom München

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सिलाई सिर अंगूठी सुराख़
48/5 S
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LA-POSTPRESS - Showroom München
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offer consists of:

2x Hohner 48/5 S ring eyelet stitching heads

suitable for any kind of booklet maker / saddle stitcher



व्यक्ति से संपर्क करें: Herr Alexander Landauer

Stettiner Str. 5

82110 Germering b. München, Deutschland

अंतिम ऑनलाइन: आज

के बाद से पंजीकृत: 2008

181 ऑनलाइन विज्ञापन


With an unprecedented level of service and advice, LA-POSTPRESS is your specialized, affordable, international dealer for the purchase and sale of used finishing equipment.
We offer a lucrative and useful combination of folding machines, collators, stitchers, binders, and cutters. These machines are complemented by agitators, pile stackers, stitching heads and other post press accessories to provide you with a reliable alternative to buying new equipment, true to our motto:


Since 2006, LA-POSTPRESS’s expertise and complete reliability give you security when purchasing used finishing equipment in the global market.
Your long-term satisfaction and profitable productivity is our goal, so all machines must meet rigorous quality control standards and intensive checks upon purchase.
Our diverse portfolio covers the whole spectrum of print finishing systems, guaranteeing a large range of products to choose from and significant savings in equipment acquisition.

LA-POSTPRESS is focused on a successful collaboration with our customers and suppliers. To improve our customer service, we work with manufacturers and printers around the globe.

LA-POSTPRESS meets your expectations by working exclusively with used machines from renowned, leading manufacturers like Horizon, Duplo, cp.bourg, GUK, MBO, Heidelberger, Stahl, Foliant, MB Bäuerle, Theisen & Bonitz, Laconda, Müller Martini, Desta Postpress, Palamides, Polar, Hohner, Perfekta, Ideal, Wohlenberg, Kolbus, Hörauf, Hang, Eurofold, Brehmer, Eurotecnica, Renz, Tränklein, Cyklop, Kallfass, Sitma, SMI Pack and Rollem.

Our showroom in Munich houses over 400 m2 of our constantly changing selection of used finishing equipment.
To simplify your purchase decision and assure you of our high-quality products, you can test and inspect each machine prior to purchase. Careful and secure packaging for worldwide delivery completes our package.

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